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NameA J.
LocationJersey City, New Jersey
United States
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JoinedAugust 10, 2011
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About This Player

About Me:
Like to hit.

Partner Search:
None provided.

String Used:
none selected

Racquet Brand:
none selected

On the court, I'm a:
Pusher, slicer, double faulter, moon baller, choker, score forgetter, sore loser




Tennis Leagues

Playing In:

League Matches
LPTL team tennis league - ID: 282

A J. / Debasish C. vs Bhushan G. / Vipul K.2013-08-24Lost9-8
A J vs Vipul Kant2013-08-17Lost8-6
A J vs Ronald Espiritu2013-08-10Lost9-8
A J. / Manny R. vs Sudhir S. / Amit P.2013-08-03Won8-0


Ladder Matches
2013 LPTL Round Robin Tennis Ladder - ID: 4231

A J vs jim zhang2013-09-29Lost8-2
A J vs Sudhir Shetty2013-09-29Lost8-6
A J vs Vipul Kant2013-09-27Lost8-5
A J vs Ashish Vats2013-09-24Lost8-6
A J vs Balaji Yuvarajan2013-09-10Lost8-4
A J vs Vipul Kant2013-08-15Lost8-6
A J vs Swapnil Bhagat2013-08-13Lost8-2
A J vs Ronald Espiritu2013-08-10Lost9-8
A J vs Gaurav Handa2013-07-21Lost8-2
A J vs Sachin Sampat2013-07-21Won8-4
A J vs Bhushan Gupta2013-07-18Lost8-1
A J vs Federico Estrada2013-07-16Won8-3
A J vs Vipul Kant2013-07-14Won8-1
A J vs Richard Wang2013-07-11Won9-7
A J vs Sudhir Shetty2013-07-06Won9-8
A J vs Norman Yu2013-06-30Won8-1
A J vs Gaurav Handa2013-06-28Won9-7
A J vs kevin yee2013-06-26Lost8-1
A J vs Debasish Chakraborty2013-06-24Won9-8
A J vs Manny R2013-06-19Lost8-2
A J vs Sid Mehta2013-06-02Lost8-6
A J vs Norman Hu2013-05-29Lost8-3
A J vs Amit Grover2013-05-27Won9-7
A J vs Bhushan Gupta2013-05-26Lost8-2
A J vs Amit P2013-05-12Won8-6
A J vs Balaji Yuvarajan2013-05-10Won8-5
A J vs Sachin Sampat2013-05-08Won8-3
A J vs Joseph Reyes2013-05-08Won8-4
A J vs Swapnil Bhagat2013-05-05Won9-8
A J vs Sidharth Shakdher2013-05-05Won8-5
A J vs Slavcho N2013-04-28Won8-2
A J vs Sanjeev Mordani2013-04-28Won8-5
A J vs Manny R2013-04-26Won8-4
A J vs Debasish Chakraborty2013-04-22Lost8-4
A J vs Vipul Kant2013-04-21Lost8-3
A J vs Federico Estrada2013-04-21Lost8-5
A J vs John Sawh2013-04-17Lost8-2
A J vs Javier Jaramillo2013-04-14Lost8-4
A J vs kevin yee2013-04-14Lost8-1
A J vs Gaurav Handa2013-04-09Lost8-5
LPTL Round Robin Tennis Ladder - ID: 3226

A J vs Sachin Sampat2012-09-11Lost6-3
A J vs Gaurav Handa2012-09-06Lost6-2
A J vs Sachin Sampat2012-06-24Lost6-4
A J vs Slavcho N2012-06-10Won6-4
A J vs Amit P2012-06-10Lost6-3
A J vs Manny R2012-06-10Lost6-2
A J vs Kwesi Asante2012-06-03Lost6-3
A J vs Slavcho N2012-06-03Lost6-4
A J vs Amit Grover2012-06-03Won6-2
A J vs Alex Torres2012-04-29Lost6-4
A J vs Manny R2012-04-29Lost6-4
A J vs Jun Santos2012-04-29Lost6-0
A J vs Amit P2012-04-01Won7-6
A J vs Joseph Reyes2012-04-01Won7-5
A J vs Manny R2012-04-01Lost6-1
A J vs John Sawh2012-04-01Lost6-1
A J vs Manny R2012-03-04Lost7-6
A J vs Joseph Reyes2012-03-04Won6-3
A J vs Slavcho N2012-03-04Won6-1
A J vs John Sawh2012-03-04Lost6-3
A J vs Alex Torres2012-03-04Lost6-4


Tennis Tournaments

Playing In:

Tournament Matches
Manny's Cup 2013 - ID: 5408

A J vs Sachin Sampat2013-07-22Won8-4
A J vs Gaurav Handa2013-07-21Lost8-2
2012 LPTL Men's Doubles Open Tennis Tournament - ID: 5112

A J. / Richard W. vs Gaurav H. / Rajendra P.2012-08-12Lost8-4
A J. / Richard W. vs kevin y. / Slavcho N.2012-08-12Lost8-5


Practice Matches
A J vs Manny R2013-06-19Lost6-3, 7-5


Player Stats

Registered Playing Level: 4.00


Calc. Singles Level: 3.15

Calc. Doubles Level: 3.94

Match Stats:

Pct: 37%

Set Stats:

Pct: 37%

Game Stats:

Pct: 45%


  Trevor Meier