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Anatoliy Zharkikh
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NameAnatoliy Z.
LocationCottonwood Heights, Utah
United States
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JoinedDecember 05, 2006
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About Me:
If the ball almost hit the line, I still play it.

Partner Search:
Looking for someone to hone my skills with. Want to be ready for the 2011 usta season. I can play Sundays.

String Used:
Gamma Ruff 16

Racquet Brand:

I'm a:
Competitive player, tournament player, pro player

On the court, I'm a:
Big-server, slicer, strategizer, top-spinner, one-handed backhander, drop-shotter, gracious winner

Favorite Player(s):
Carlos Moya and Daniela Hantuchova

Favorite Website:

Relationship Status:
Who wants to know?


Blake A - 1 year, 3 months ago
Hey. Am wanting to hit a couple times a week. 4.0 player. Let me know

Rahul Narang - 2 years, 10 months ago
Hello Anatoily. My Name is Rahul, I am from India. Looking for a tennis partner to play on regular basis in the evenings or anytime on weekends. I am about level 3 , want to practice more.

Olena LItovsky - 2 years, 10 months ago
Hello Anatoliy. My name is Olena Litovsky, I am from the Ukraine. Looking for a partner to play on regular bases. I am about 3-3.5. Need more practice. I have flexible schedule during the week and available to play Sundays.

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Tennis Leagues

Playing In:

League Matches
This user has no league match history.


Tennis Ladders

Playing In:

Ladder Matches
SLC OPEN - ID: 1613

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Tyler Healey2012-06-06Lost7-6, 6-4
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Humberto Cervantes2012-02-19Lost6-2, 6-2
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ivan L2012-02-05Lost6-2, 7-5
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Brandon Leo2011-06-10Lost6-2, 7-5
Salt Lake Valley Summer Ladder - ID: 622

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ken Wade2009-07-27Lost8-3
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Bryan Coffey2009-07-15Won8-2
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Tyler Healey2009-06-29Lost8-6
Salt Lake City Men's Fall Ladder - ID: 227

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Owen Latchford2008-08-17Lost8-5
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Tommee Larochelle2008-08-13Won8-0
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ken Wade2008-08-11Lost8-3
Salt Lake City Men's Ladder - ID: 2

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Owen Latchford2008-07-22Lost8-6
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-05-21Lost8-6
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ethan Nelson2008-05-06Lost8-5
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Mike Vandenberg2008-05-03Lost9-7
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ethan Nelson2008-04-26Won8-6
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-04-23Won8-1
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-04-23Won8-3
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Mike Vandenberg2008-04-19Lost8-5
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Mike Peterson2008-04-17Won9-7
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-04-08Won8-6
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-04-01Lost8-6
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-03-26Lost8-6
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Brandon Watson2008-03-25Won9-7
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-03-20Won8-5
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-03-19Lost9-7
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-03-06Won8-6
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Mike Peterson2008-02-24Won8-4
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ricardo Matus2008-02-21Lost8-4
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ricardo Matus2008-02-12Lost8-2
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ricardo Matus2008-02-05Lost8-2
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2007-12-12Won6-2, 6-3


Tennis Tournaments

Playing In:

Tournament Matches
Champions of the Colosseum - ID: 4273

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Mike Peterson2009-06-03Lost7-5, 6-3
2007 Salt Lake City 3.5 Tournament - ID: 2726

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Brett Wright2007-04-07Lost6-4, 6-1
Salt Lake City 3.0 Mens 2007 - ID: 2714

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Brian Frederick2007-04-07Lost6-3, 6-3
Salt Lake City 3.0 Mens 2006 - ID: 2

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ravi Mathai2006-08-18Lost6-0, 3-6, 6-1
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Dustin Watson2006-08-11Won6-1, 2-6, 6-4
Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Derek Tueller2006-08-11Won6-3, 7-5
Salt Lake 3.5 Men's July 06 - ID: 4

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Caam Finch2006-07-29Lost6-4, 7-5
Before It's Too Hot Classic - ID: 3287

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Ricardo Matus2008-02-13Lost6-1, 6-2
Kitten Classic - ID: 4151

Anatoliy Zharkikh vs Geoffrey Kilonzo2008-04-17Lost6-4, 6-0


Practice Matches
This user has no practice match history.


Player Stats

Registered Playing Level: 3.50


Calc. Singles Level: 3.33

Calc. Doubles Level: 3.50

Match Stats:

Pct: 35%

Set Stats:

Pct: 32%

Game Stats:

Pct: 44%

Tennis Courts

Favorite Tennis Courts

Court Name





Woodledge ParkWest Valley City84120Park2


  Tyler Healey
  Humberto Cervantes
  Brandon Watson
  Olena LItovsky
  Pranab Pati
  Landon Kirk
  Mike Peterson
  Trevor Meier
  Geoffrey Kilonzo


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– Thursday, July 16 2009 –
On the Road To Total Victory in BLOG UNTAGGED 
Forehand still struggling. Maybe next week...