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Create a ladder league, team league or tournament for free in minutes. You can even embed them on your own website.

To manage all your events and players, you may also want to create a network. Networks create an online community with all the tools you need to organize your matches and events.

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The first step to using GTN, is to register. Registration only takes a few minutes and is free.
The best way to meet new players, and play more tennis, is to join a tennis network. If you can't find one, you can start one.
Besides joining a network, there are many other ways you can find a tennis partner using GTN.
Ladder home page.

Calculated Playing Levels

Using your history of tennis league, tournament and practice matches, your singles and doubles playing levels will be calculated using a complex mathematical algorithm.

For each match played, this algorithm takes into account your opponent's calculated level and accuracy, the type of match, and margin of victory to produce a very accurate depiction of your playing level. Your levels can even be tracked over time, giving you a history of your progress. Learn more.
Are you looking for a place to play tennis? Try our tennis court locator. Players from all over the world submit new tennis courts every day.

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