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there are 1,641 networks.
there are 498 tennis ladders.
there are 43 tennis tournaments.
there are 37 tennis leagues.
there are 54,066 tennis partners.
there are 28,872 tennis courts.
Global Tennis Network - Tennis Leagues, Ladders and Tournaments
Global Tennis Network (or just 'GTN') is a complete online tennis website used by tennis players and clubs all over the world. GTN gives you all the tools you need to create online tennis ladders, leagues and tournaments. You can even find a tennis court, or a tennis partner.

To help organize all your news, events and players into one location, GTN has tennis networks. A tennis network is like your own online tennis community. You can even customize the look and change the default language. A tennis network is ideal for tennis clubs, schools or communities.

There are many other great features here at GTN including a tennis forum, tennis blog and classified ads for tennis gear.

Joining GTN is free and easy. To get started, register here.

Tennis Networks

Create a tennis network. A tennis network is your own an online tennis community and organizes all your news and events into one location.

Tennis court reservation system.
Network news and events.
Manage network members.
Collect yearly membership fees.
Create unlimited ladders, leagues and tournaments.

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Tennis Ladders

Start an online tennis ladder. These tennis ladders are packed with every feature you could think of including:

 Fully automated.
 Choose a ranking system.
Customize the rules.
Create a schedule.
 Challenge other players.

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Tennis Tournaments

Tennis TournamentCreate online tennis tournaments for your tennis club, school, community, or just some friends.

Fully automated.
 Up to 256 players.
 Single & double elimination.
 Bracket challenge feature.
 Embed on your own website.

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Tennis Leagues

Manage an online tennis league. A tennis league is great for teams of players. These tennis leagues are simple to use and have many great features:

Fully automated.
Manage teams and players.
Customize the rules.
Create a schedule.
Contact team players and captains.
Collect fees using PayPal.

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Tennis Courts

Find a tennis court anywhere in the world. We have one of the largest databases of tennis courts ever created, and it grows everyday.

Before you go, view overhead images and read reviews. You can even see what events and players are using the tennis courts. Can't find your tennis court? Submit it.

Find a Tennis Court
Submit a Tennis Court

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Tennis Court Locator

Get our tennis court listings directly on your apple or android device.

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