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Types of Tennis Courts

3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #549 by Neal T Payne
I have been playing tennis from my childhood and you can call me a fanatic. My dad taught me to play tennis maybe that is why I am so interested in the sport. So recently I was playing in a club nearby, during my talks with other players I came to understand that a lot of people, even amateur players have a lot of misconceptions about the court types. So I thought it will be worth sharing here. Most of these were read in this article about types of tennis courts.
There five major court types
Asphalt penetration: It uses layers of clear stone where each layer is sprayed with a rapid setting liquid asphalt to give it a sliding surface. This type of court does not require any maintenance.

Hotmix: the surface of a hot-mix court is comprised of compacted fine asphalt put in place by a mechanical spreader.

Har Tru: This is a clay court with a surface of about 1 inch in thickness and like soft asphalt, it provides a sliding surface.

Acrylic Surfaces: This surface is specifically geared for asphalt penetration and hot-mix courts.

Synthetic Surfaces: Synthetic surfaces include artificial grass, artificial clay, cushion overlays and the latest manufactured surface product.

I hope all this info is helpful. Comment if you are looking for any clarifications.
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1 year 4 months ago #890 by Jonathan Roussel
Thank you for the link, I actually thought this article was way more complete on the subject and really broke down what the differences are between each tennis court surfaces :


I particularly liked how they explain what skills are required and how to properly play on each surface.

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4 months 5 days ago #948 by Candis Marie Blanco
Great Info, i also face alot of difficulties during matches due to tennis courts but i must say that am using Good Quality Tennis Racquets that helps me to stay.

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2 months 3 weeks ago #955 by Farhaan Rahman
Good informative article

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