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TOPIC: The Volleying Challenge: #GoToTheWallAgainstCancer

The Volleying Challenge: #GoToTheWallAgainstCancer 3 months 12 hours ago #806

Hi. After I lost my wife Briggs to cancer, I started a petition to begin a new era. It's been signed by 20 stars such as Naomi Watts, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson,and Emily Blunt, 7 tennis greats including Billie Jean King, the Bryans, and Andy Roddick, and 6 professors along with a founder of Stand Up to Cancer, the chairman of the LTA, and the president of the WTA: The Petition for Briggs

One of the professors, Dr. James Allison, won this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in immunotherapy--which the petition is aimed at prioritizing. It can ultimately end chemo, radiation, and most cancer surgeries. A Volleying Challenge to get a million signatures has been taken by Rod Laver, Rafael Nadal, Chris Evert, Nick Kyrgios, the chairman-president of the USTA, and more. I'd appreciate your help in spreading word about the challenge and/or taking it yourself. The hashtags are #VolleyingChallenge #GoToTheWallAgainstCancer #SignBriggssPetition. It's just 30 volleys and 3 nominations and sharing this challenge-post link: The Volleying Challenge

Many thanks,

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