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Cancel the US Open

5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #931 by Chris Wylie
There is a reason why people pay a fortune for seats in the upper loge where the players look like dots, when they could have an HD seat at home. It's the sense of shared experience. Sociologists have written extensively about the function of crowd in sport. It's is a social construct, not a game. You can replace the game depending on the country, basketball in the US, soccer in Mexico, but the crowd gatherings will be the same for the event, 60-90% of the people in the crowd at the US Open know little about tennis. Yet they enjoy themselves through the sense of community, and even of Country. This Nationalism can be seen particularly in the social construct of soccer in Latin America. If you take out the New York crowd at the US Open, there is no US Open. This is really sad to watch brilliant plays and efforts met with eerie silence. If you don't want to shut it down, then fight for the last chance to say we are a country and figure out a way to get people into the final. Have a system to get the same rapid Covid test the President gets. Tennis is perhaps the most relevant sport when it comes to social construct in that no country owns it. All countries have a love for tennis. So the bonding experience and social importance of getting fans into this event is paramount. Not for the game of tennis, but for us to stand together and say we are going to beat this thing and get our lives back. Everyone has time to be tested if the government steps in. To test everyone in record time, and have a full stadium for the finals would be an American achievement. Especially in this uncertain time for America, putting all forces together to make this happen safely, CAN be done. It is as timely as the Yankees game after 9-11.
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