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Where do you go to re-string your racquets?

2 years 5 days ago #949 by Victor Papito

I looked at the bottom of the main page where it said "Tennis Racquet Stringers" and clicked on the two website links. They don't lead me anywhere.

So, I'm just wondering where y'all get your racquets re-strung and maintained? Any local mam/pap pro shops you would recommend?

Also, what grips y'all recommend?

I'm using "y'all" because I don't want to use, "you people" :P

(No Federer until Wimbledon...)



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1 year 11 months ago #960 by Chris Merrill
Try Portland Racquet Works for stringing, grips and racquet customizing. They will be able to walk you through the best string and grip for your racquet, based upon your playing style.


I hope this helps.


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