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Developer API

We are looking for iPhone and other developers to create tennis applications. If you are interested in using our API, please become a developer.

Developers must abide by the following rules:

- Not permitted for organizations which compete with Global Tennis Network.
- Global Tennis Network must be linked to and credited.

Click on different API calls below for more details on how to use them. Please note we are adding more and more functionality all the time.

Become a Developer

Tennis Courts
Add to Favorite CourtsAdd a court to a user's favorites.
Get Court DetailsGet the details of a tennis court. SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED.
Get Tennis Court ReviewsGet the tennis court's reviews.
Get User's Favorite CourtsGet a list of all the user's favorite courts.
Remove From Favorite CourtsRemove a tennis court from your favorites.
Search Tennis CourtsSearch for tennis courts. SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED.
Submit a Tennis CourtSubmit a tennis court for inclusion in the database.
Submit a Tennis Court CorrectionSubmit a correction for a tennis court.
Submit a Tennis Court ReviewSubmit a review about a tennis court.

Tennis Ladders
Accept or Decline ChallengesAccept or decline a challenge.
Get Eligible MatchesGet the teams a team can submit a score for. This includes matches that need to be submitted after an accepted challenge.
Get Ladder ChallengesGet the pending and accepted challenges of a user.
Get Ladder DetailsGet information about a ladder.
Get Ladder MatchesGet ladder match results. (Coming soon)
Get Ladder StandingsGet the current standings of a ladder.
Get Match FormatGet the format of a ladder or a specific match.
Get Player's TeamsGet all the teams a player is on. This is only necessary on doubles ladders.
Get Team InfoGet the details of a team/player on the ladder.
Get User's LaddersGet the tennis ladders a user is registered for.
Submit a ChallengeSubmit a ladder challenge.
Submit Ladder MatchSubmit a tennis ladder match.

Tennis Tournaments
Get User's TournamentsGet the tennis tournaments a user is registered for.

Get SessionInstead of logging in each time the app is used, login once, and retrieve a session id to be used as authorization.
Get User InfoGet the details of a user.
Get User's Calculated LevelsGet a user's calculated levels.
Get User's FriendsGet the friends of a user.
Get User's StatsGet match stats for a user.