Pine Lake Tennis
Perry, Ohio
98 members

Saturday open play 1:00-3:00

Pine Lake Tennis Club
Sat, Mar 25th, 2023
01:00 pm - 03:00 pm
All levels players
8 attending
Event complete
Open adult play! $1.00 ball for members of Pine Lake Tennis Club, $20 non-member fee!
Event Attendees
# Picture Name Joined
1Bob Hanke
+ Sharon P
Mar 17th 2023
2Mike Moster
Mar 18th 2023
3Greg Church
Mar 19th 2023
4John Bottar
Mar 24th 2023
5Doug Seabeck
Mar 24th 2023
6Harold. "Pete" W Richmond
Mar 25th 2023
7Nick Kincaid
Mar 25th 2023
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Doug Seabeck
6 months
Pete don’t drop out if we only get 7 will figure something out maybe Canadian doubles

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Event complete
Mar 25th 2023
01:00 pm
Pine Lake Tennis Club
4780 North Ridge Rd
Perry, Ohio, 44081
(440) 622-6275
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