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Sunday Mornings @Granite Bay

Ronald L. Feist Park
Sun, Sep 25th, 2022
08:00 am - 10:00 am
All level players
10 attending
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Morning Tennis Meetup at Ronald Feist Park. Come out, meet some friendly folks and play some tennis.

Things to bring:
Tennis Balls, Water Bottle, Sunscreen

We will also be scheduling League Matches this Sat and Sun. Please send out challenges to your opponents before attending the meetup. Thanks!
Event Attendees
# Picture Name Joined Checked In
1Dylan Mustard
Sep 22nd 2022Yes
Sep 23rd 2022Yes
3Ira Witherspoon
Sep 23rd 2022Yes
4Omar Orozco westmoreland
Sep 23rd 2022
5Waqar Kh
Sep 23rd 2022Yes
6Josh Klewloski
Sep 24th 2022
7Mirela Hamilton
Sep 24th 2022
8Prashanth Polugari
Sep 24th 2022
9Nithin Ravanikar
Sep 24th 2022
10Dianna L
Sep 24th 2022
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Dylan Mustard
1 week, 6 days
First time joining this group. Anything I need to know?

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Event complete
Sep 25th 2022
08:00 am
Ronald L. Feist Park
9180 Twin School Rd
Granite Bay, California, 95746
(530) 886-4901
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