Homestead Court Club Tennis

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Homestead Court Club
Sun, Feb 20th, 2022
01:00 pm
3.00 to 4.00, female players
15 attending
5 players still needed!!
Event complete
Inviting you to join in the fun. This week’s Double Play: Wednesday thru Tuesday. For ease in scheduling play please make sure you have an open week. I CANNOT schedule matches depending on your availability this should be worked out with your foursome. If you ARE NOT available please respond with a "no". You may also sign up for future weeks, please feel free to do that via this site. Enjoy!!
Event Attendees
# Picture Name Joined Checked In
1yinlai meng
Jan 20th 2022
2Megan Olson
Jan 26th 2022
3Ruth Dukart
Jan 30th 2022Yes
4Susan Cary
Feb 4th 2022Yes
5Barbara Dobrot
Feb 10th 2022Yes
6Aimee Fisher
Feb 11th 2022
7Sharon Stenson
Feb 13th 2022Yes
8Elizabeth Sipes
Feb 17th 2022
9Deborah Long
Feb 17th 2022
10Lonetia Gerken
Feb 17th 2022
11Deana Michonski
Feb 17th 2022Yes
12Lise Carnes
Feb 17th 2022
13Mary Ellen Wanty
Feb 17th 2022
14Erin Boselli
Feb 17th 2022
15Melinda Brown
Feb 18th 2022
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Event complete
Feb 20th 2022
01:00 pm
Homestead Court Club
400 Homestead Dr
Edwards, Colorado, 81632
(970) 926-1067
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Melinda Brown signed up for the event.
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Nancy Wright removed themself from the event.
― 6 months ago
Erin Boselli signed up for the event.
― 6 months ago
Mary Ellen Wanty signed up for the event.
― 6 months ago
Lise Carnes signed up for the event.
― 6 months ago