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Match Play is typically on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, but with the first Friday of October being Columbus Day Weekend, we had match play on the 5th Friday of... Learn more
Oct 2022
05:00 pm
Past Events
Friday Match Play 9/30/22 at O’ConnorFriday Sep 30th, 2022
Friday Match Play 9/16/22 at Lagoon ParkFriday Sep 16th, 2022
9/2/22 Friday Match PlayFriday Sep 2nd, 2022
*At O’Connor Friday Match Play 12/17/21Friday Dec 17th, 2021
At LAGOON! Friday Match Play 12/3/21Friday Dec 3rd, 2021
At O’CONNOR- Friday Match Play 11/19/21Friday Nov 19th, 2021
Friday Match Play 11/5/21Friday Nov 5th, 2021
Friday Match Play at LAGOON 10/15/21Friday Oct 15th, 2021
Friday Match Play 10/1/21 at LagoonFriday Oct 1st, 2021
Friday Match Play 9/17/21 at O’ConnorFriday Sep 17th, 2021
*At LAGOON PARK*Friday Match Play 9/3/2021Friday Sep 3rd, 2021
Match Play FridayThursday Dec 17th, 2020
Match Play FridayFriday Dec 4th, 2020
Match Play FridayFriday Nov 20th, 2020
Match Play FridayFriday Nov 6th, 2020
Match Play FridayFriday Oct 16th, 2020
Match Play FridayFriday Oct 2nd, 2020
Match Play FridayFriday Sep 18th, 2020
Match Play FridayFriday Sep 4th, 2020
Friday Match Play 8/21/2020 - at O’ConnorFriday Aug 21st, 2020
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