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sujith gopinath - 6 years, 5 months
Hi there,

i have recently come to SLC and am looking for People to play tennis with.
Its been some months since i played and am looking to get bac in  touch and have fun with the group as am someone new over here.


Trevor Meier - 7 years, 2 months

Does anyone know of any good free courts up by the U of U?

Trevor Meier - 8 years, 2 months
If you are a student at the U of U, I would highly suggest taking advantage of the discount you receive for the tennis courts at the Eccles Tennis Center.

Come winter time, this is a great place to play. The courts are in great shape, and the lighting is perfect. When I was a student, I would get a court for 2 hours and it only cost $20. Thats $10 a person! Make reservations a day or two in advance.

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