Ipplepen Tennis Club

Ipplepen Tennis Club

Ipplepen Tennis Club

Members: 29
Location: Ipplepen England
Founded: Jan 16, 2017
The club was formed in 1979 with 17 members using the school playground. The first court was opened in August 1983 with money from grants and the fundraising efforts of its 35 members. In 1994 a second court was built, again from grants as well as club finances. Membership had by now grown to 47 family members, 16 adults and 16 children. In 2003 both courts were resurfaced; since then we have had electricity installed at the courts which allows floodlighting until 9 o'clock at night.

In August 2016 the courts were freshly resurfaced and we are very proud of having such quality facilities in Ipplepen.

Ipplepen Tennis Club offers a warm welcome to new players of all abilities!

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Dylan Sadler - 1 year, 4 months
I am looking to play anyone in the Ipplepen area who fancies a game.

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