The Lisbon Tennis Network

The Lisbon Tennis Network

Jul 19, 2018
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Lisbon, Portugal
The Lisbon Tennis Network is an official network of GTN.

This network is open to all players in the area who are looking to play some tennis. As a network member, you can join our official events, or even create and run your own tennis leagues or tournaments.

The goal of this network is to grow the sport of tennis, and get more people playing this great sport. We do charge a small yearly membership fee that helps pay for support, advertising, and general overhead.

We will be running an open tennis ladder league year round, and members will be encouraged to create tournaments for those interested. It is definitely going to be a lot of fun.

So feel free to join us, and don't forget to invite your friends!

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Go to Lisbon, Portugal to view scheduled play for the entire area, and not just this network.

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Trevor Meier      The Official Networks of GTN - 4 weeks
We have just reinstated the fee to join an official network. But, we have reduced the cost for a year, to only $4.99.

Matthew Travis - 10 months, 2 weeks
Hi there, I am a club player (advanced but definitely not professional!) from London and would love to play some tennis while I am here. Please get in touch if you are a similar level and want to play. Best times for me are afternoons but could do other times...

Matthew KIMBER - 4 months, 2 weeks
Hi there, my name is Matthew Kimber, I just moved to Lisbon, I would be happy to play during my stay for the next 6 months.
I've several times a week in Switzerland, where I'm from, including tournaments and reached level R5 which is quite advanced though I'm happy to play as I always enjoy a game with few rallies.
Let's get in touch
maleyoung adult3.50+

adam refoufi - 1 year, 5 months

i'm looking to play tennis is the ericeira area. Anyone interested get in touch.

Julien Cauzlosquy - 2 years
Hello everyone, I'm in Lisboa for 11 days and I would like so much play tennis. I already have my racket and ready to play ! I'm near Quintas das Conchas and my level is quite good. Thanks

Trevor Meier      The Official Networks of GTN - 2 years
Use this promotion code to get 3 free months added to your official network membership:


Feel free to give this code to your friends so they can join and start playing immediately.

Trevor Meier      The Official Networks of GTN - 2 years, 1 month
Prize winning tennis tournaments are here! Go to the "Tournaments" tab to find a tournament near you.

Trevor Meier      The Official Networks of GTN - 2 years, 5 months
Did you know you can create a group inside an official network? A group is like a network within a network. You can control who joins your group, who can access your group, and even limit your ladders, leagues and tournaments to members of your group. Groups have their own comment board, and you can send messages to all members in your group.

See the groups of the New York City network for an example:

Trevor Meier      The Official Networks of GTN - 2 years, 5 months
There are now 3 ladders running in all of the official networks:

The 2018 Men's Top 100 Tennis Ladder
The 2018 Women's Top 100 Tennis Ladder
The 2018 Mixed Doubles Tennis Ladder

They are all free to join, so invite some friends, and challenge them to a match

Trevor Meier      The Official Networks of GTN - 2 years, 10 months
You can now start your own tennis ladders, leagues or tournaments in any of the official networks!

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