$20 Spring 2015 Men's Singles 4.0

Virginia Beach, Virginia
March 27, 2015 - May 24, 2015
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Tennis Ladder Prizes
Cash for winners as well as prizes from our sponsors (Babolat, Gamma, Cruise Control Gear) as well as string, grips, towels, tennis bags, etc.

Tennis Ladder Rules
1. The ladder is located in:
Country: United States
State: Virginia
City: Virginia Beach

2. The ladder is open to the following players:
Playing Level: 3.5 to 4.0
Match Format: Singles
Gender: Male

3. There is a fee to join this ladder. Upon registering for this ladder, you will be taken to a page with instruction on how to make a payment.

4. This ladder will begin March 27, 2015 and end May 24, 2015.

5. Players have 7 days to accept or decline a challenge before it is automatically declined.

6. Players will not be penalized for declining challenges.

7. Players have 14 days to play an accepted challenge before it expires and the following occurs:
The challenged team automatically declines the challenge.

8. Players have 10 wildcard challenges. Wildcards allows a team to play a team much higher ranked than the rules typically allow.

9. Players will not be penalized for not playing matches.

10. You may only play an opponent on the ladder 3 time(s).

11. Forfeits will be treated like a lost match, and will affect rankings and points.

12. Any of the following match formats can be used:

Best of 3 Sets: Best of 3 sets is first to win 2 sets. Each set is first to win 6 or more games with a margin of 2 games. A tie-breaker is played if each team has won 6 games.

Example scores: 6-3, 5-7, 6-4 or 6-4, 7-6

13. The following system will be used to compute a player's position on the ladder.

Custom Points: This system allows you to determine how many points are awarded for playing a match, winning a match, set, or even a game. You can also deduct points for a loss or award more points for winning in straight sets or a higher ranked team.

Points for winning a match: 7
Points for losing a match: 2
Points for winning a set: 2
Points for winning a game: 0.1
Points for winning by forfeit: 7
Points for losing by forfeit: 7
14. After the match, the winner will submit the score.

15. All ladder members should maintain current contact information. If you change phone numbers or e-mail addresses, you must update your profile so other member can contact you and you will receive email notifications.

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$20 Spring 2015 Men's Singles 4.0 is a tennis league in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Men's competitive singles
Playing Levels:
Match Formats:
Entry Fee:
3.5 to 4.0
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Ladder Coordinator

Daniel Schank

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