Greene Ridge Racquet Club
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Cameron Pope
Gender: M  Levels: 3.66 / 4.00
Kinston, North Carolina
Network Points: 0
Drake Robart
Gender: M  Levels: 3.65 / 4.00
Hookerton, North Carolina
Am glad to play any one in my area or willing to come to my area .snow hill NC
Network Points: 0
Jim Sylvia
Gender: M  Levels: 4.00 / 4.00
Kinston, North Carolina
Network Points: 0
Jamal Jared
Gender: M  Levels: 4.00 / 4.00
Greenville, North Carolina
I am new to the Greenville area in search of a quality hitting partner. I also enjoy and play doubles, so anyone who has a tennis network in search...
Network Points: 0
Levels shown are in order of singles / doubles. These are calculated levels based on matches played.
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Men's Singles Men's Doubles
Bobby Taylor 4.50 Bobby Taylor 4.50
Lin Hall 4.50 Timothy Simmons 4.50
Courtney Harrell 4.41 Courtney Harrell 4.50
Eric Simmons 4.39 Lin Hall 4.50
Dylan Costello 4.34 Robert Taylor 4.50
Gary Tilghman 4.20 Jeff Uchello 4.03
Robert Taylor 4.08 Richard Garafolo 4.03
clay Jackson 4.05 Parth Patel 4.00
Richard Bansittidet 4.02 Jim Sylvia 4.00
Jim Sylvia 4.00 Cameron Pope 4.00
Jamal Jared 4.00 Jamal Jared 4.00
Lin Phillips 4.00 Tyler Haislip 4.00
Gary Wojeski 4.00 clay Jackson 4.00
Steve Davis 3.99 Drake Robart 4.00
Tyler Haislip 3.99 Gary Tilghman 4.00
Spencer Dail 3.94 Lin Phillips 4.00
Parth Patel 3.92 Gary Wojeski 4.00
Timothy Simmons 3.92 Eric Simmons 4.00
Andrew Harrison 3.77 Dylan Costello 3.97
Jared Hall 3.72 Richard Bansittidet 3.97
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Women's Singles Women's Doubles
Jessica Hatch 4.00 Jessica Hatch 4.00
julie harper 3.50 julie harper 3.50
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