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Kyle Williams
Gender: M  Levels: 4.26 / 3.80
Charlotte, North Carolina
USTA league player, tournament organizer, racquet stringer, junior coach. Doubles, singles or just drills.
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Simas Petrikis
Gender: M  Levels: 3.94 / 4.00
Charlotte, North Carolina
I wish I started to play tennis when I was young ;)
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Peter Barclay
Gender: M  Levels: 4.78 / 4.21
Pineville, North Carolina
I'm available most weekdays during the day for singles or doubles.
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Dhruv Sharma
Gender: M  Levels: 4.00 / 4.00
Marvin, North Carolina
Singles Player
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Chad Sallee
Gender: M  Levels: 4.41 / 4.50
Waxhaw, North Carolina
Available and eager to play singles/doubles, hit/drill or whatever during the day on most week days (especially around lunch time). Trying to get...
Network Points: 0
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Peter Barclay 4.780 Chad Sallee 4.500
Chad Sallee 4.410 Peter Barclay 4.210
Kyle Williams 4.260 Dhruv Sharma 4.000
Dhruv Sharma 4.000 Simas Petrikis 4.000
Simas Petrikis 3.940 Kyle Williams 3.800
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Kyle Williams