Start Your Own Tennis Ladder, League or Tournament

Nov 28th 2017

We now have 85 official networks around the world. Networks are a great way to meet other tennis players near you. We are hoping to get hundreds of players in each network before the tennis season kicks off in the spring.

While brainstorming ways to get the members more active, we had the crazy idea to allow any member in our official networks to create and run their own tennis ladders, leagues and tournaments.

From what we have seen, the easiest way to play more tennis, is to join a tennis ladder. Tennis ladders are a great way to meet new players, and find opponents at your same level. Players arrange their matches when, and where it is convenient. You can play as many or as few matches as desired.

We are currently not running any official ladders, so feel free to create your own, invite some friends, and challenge them to a match.
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