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Prize Winning Tennis Tournaments Have Begun

Aug 3rd 2018

Global Tennis Network has finally begun running our own tennis tournaments in all the official networks.

GTN actually began over 10 years ago, with the idea of running small prize winning tournaments across the US. Tennis ladders soon became the main focus, and the idea was put on the back burner. Until now.

We are currently running 2 tournaments in all the official networks:
The 2018 Men's Late Summer Tennis Tournament
The 2018 Women's Late Summer Tennis Tournament

And, we are awarding the following prizes:
1st place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
2nd place: 1 year free network membership

These are small, 8 person tournaments, with no entry fee, and you only have to win 3 matches to win the entire tournament.

You will have 2 weeks to play each match. All you will need to do, is contact your opponent to arrange each match. Just pick a time and place that works best for both of you.

To get started, go to the "Tournaments" tab in your network, and find the tournament you want to enter. On the main tournament page, just click the "Sign Up" button.

If these tournaments are a success, we will plan on hosting many more in the future. So invite some friends, and sign up today. Spots are filling up fast!

Good luck!
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