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Scheduled Play is Here!

Jul 31st 2019

Do you play tennis at a set time and location each week? Are you looking to attract more players?

We have just released a new tool that we think will be a game changer. We are calling it "scheduled play".

When logged in, you will now see the new scheduled play icon at the top right of every page:

Scheduled play will allow you to organize play sessions at any court near you. Here's how it works:

  1. Click the scheduled play icon link.
  2. Click the "+ Add" button above the calendar (see image below).
  3. Select the court, date and time.
  4. Select the playing levels you are looking for.
  5. Select the minimum number of players you need to play.
  6. Determine who can join. (network members, invites only, connections, etc..)


And that's it! Players can now join your scheduled play. You can also manually add, or even invite other players.

Once the minimum number of players have joined, everyone will get an email letting them know it's on!

You will be able to see all the players who have joined, and even post comments.

We are really excited to see how you use this tool.

As always, feel free to send us any feedback or suggestions. :)

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