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Bruno Puddu

Bruno Puddu

Location: Long Beach, California
Joined:February 17, 2013
Levels:Singles: 4.07Doubles: 4.50
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Tennis drills including serve and returns or we can play a match, its all good. I can play mostly weekdays around 1pm or 2 pm, sometimes on Sundays same time. Fare meeting halfway if we are far apart. Text @ 949-413-2323 Thanks

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Real OC Tennis Spring 2017 AJ Circuit LadderRank: 67Ladder League2017-02-272017-05-28
Men's Singles - Fall 2016Rank: 3Ladder League2016-10-082016-12-18
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2014 Fall Ladder Men's Singles - Level 3.0 - 5.0Rank: 2Ladder League2014-09-152014-12-31
2014 Summer Ladder-Men's Singles-Level 3.0 to 5.5Rank: 6Ladder League2014-06-012014-08-31
Real OC Tennis 2014 Early Spring SeasonRank: 58Ladder League2014-02-102014-04-22


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M S - 3 years, 5 months
OC Open Summer tournament will be started shortly. It is free to join. Please go to the following link and sign up.

Bruno Puddu - 7 years
Lets practice a match or just hitting, both sounds good...Almost any weekdays around noon, sometimes Sundays as well. Long Beach or near cities or halfway courts.

Bruce Yoon - 7 years
Pls call me at 7148647331 for set up...

JINESH CHINNATHAMBI, Cypress,CA. - 8 years
Hi Bruno,

I am ok to play after 6:30 p.m On weekdays and anytime on weekend.

SKYLER SHAW - 8 years, 9 months
Hi Bruno,
Would you like to play tennis sometime?

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