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Nordine Ikene

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Nordine Ikene

Premium member
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Joined:May 09, 2021
Levels:Singles: 2.629Doubles: 3.000
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Torneio Escada Verão CTPL 2022Rank: 41Ladder League2022-06-302022-08-31
TORNEIO ESCADA CTPL 2021/2022Rank: 82Ladder League2021-08-312022-06-30
Torneio Escada Verão CTPL 2021Rank: 53Ladder League2021-07-012021-08-31
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Nordine Ikene      Lisbon, Portugal
7 months
Hello People, I have possibilty to play morning , Monday to Friday ..9:00 to 13:00 period time and week-end level is from 2.5 to 3 ... see you then !
(email hidden)

Nordine Ikene      Clube Ténis Paço do Lumiar
9 months
Hello people, I played a match, TORNEIO ESCADA CTPL 2021/2022, this Friday 04.03.2022, Paço do Lumiar against Luisa Gouveia , she do not recognize I win her Service on second set, Than the score should be 6.0 , 1-1 ....I said to her as you do not agree with the fact I win your service , we cannot continue to play, because you are not agree about the score. Then we stop the match, now I see the match was marked played win by hLuisa Gouveia 6-0 6-0 , that is not the reality, I win her service , egalized at 1-1 and we cannot continue because she do not recognized I won the last game.

I wouyld like to delete this result , because it is not the real score of this match.

Who knows how can fix this issue ?

Thank you,

Nordine IKENE

Nordine Ikene      Lisbon, Portugal
1 year, 2 months
Olá, gostaria de jogar Paço do Lumiar esta tarde se tiver um campo disponível, o meu nível é 3,00.
Hello I would like to play Paço do Lumiar this afternoon if a court is available, my level is 3.00.
Thank you!

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