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Mike Walter

Location: Meath, Ireland
Joined:March 05, 2018
Levels:Singles: 3.337Doubles: 3.110
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Ratoath Senior Singles LadderRank: 11Ladder League2021-05-122021-12-31


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Giuliano Davenport - 3 years, 9 months
Hi Mike, Can you have a look at the Dbls ladder for us please. There was an auto decline which shouldn't have come through as our challengers were informed that I was away for holidays during the challenge window period and we would reschedule for later date. I know you're going to look at feedback later on, but there seems a consistent issue to me on all ladders including the RR: if a challenge is made and a player(s) cannot make the challenge window for a legitimate reason, the challenges are not being withdrawn and the challenged player(s) suffer because of it. Similarly, when I offered alternative dates for a challenge made on the RR and they were not acceptable, I still got docked 3 points despite agreeing with the challenger to postpone till after holidays. So 2 questions:
1. Is there a way to mutually withdraw a challenge so that it doesn't affect the ladder standings?
2. Does this have to be done manually and communicated to you or can both parties agree to withdraw challenge?

P.S. just realized you could still be on hols - no urgency on reply.

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