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J Koone

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J Koone

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Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Joined:May 02, 2012
Levels:Singles: 3.20Doubles: 3.00
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I am available to play tennis during the day just for the fun of it ... regardless of CATL rank.

Capital Area Tennis Ladder - Summer 2021 SinglesRank: 42Ladder League2021-05-012021-09-12
2020 CATL Playoffs - B Bracket
Capital Area Tennis Ladder - Summer 2020 SinglesRank: 21Ladder League2020-05-252020-09-26
2019 Capital Area Tennis League Playoffs-C Bracket
Capital Area Tennis Ladder - 2019Rank: 32Ladder League2019-05-012019-08-19
2018 Capital Area Tennis League C Bracket Playoffs
Harrisburg Elites-Men's L2 (3.0/3.5 Invitational)Rank: 2Ladder League2018-06-012018-09-02
Capital Area Tennis Ladder - 2018Rank: 38Ladder League2018-05-012018-08-19
2017 Capital Area Tennis League C Bracket Playoffs
Capital Area Tennis Ladder - Summer 2017 SinglesRank: 44Ladder League2017-05-012017-08-20


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Lorraine Bernadyn - 4 years, 5 months
Hi, I'm available for some tennis at Schuylkill Haven's Penn State campus May-Oct. I'm 58yr old gal, play singles, intermediate; available weekdays (10am-dark). If interested leave message. Lorraine Bernadyn

Alex Elbert - 5 years, 6 months
The tennis season is here and it is time to get your rackets restrung today! Don’t wait and get stuck playing with old string that not only is about to bust, but has no feel, power, or spin.
I am offering tennis stringing services to anyone who needs it. I have many different polyester, multifilament, and synthetics including top brands: Luxilon, Head, Prince, Volkl, Donnay, and Tecnifibre. I only carry the best string in an assortment of colors. Quality service guaranteed. I also have a variety of grips. Please feel free to message, text, email, or call my cell 717-979-7489.

Zach Edinger - 6 years, 4 months
Hey I saw you on here and wanted to see if you were up to playing some time. I'm 29 and am probably around a 2.5 to 3 level though I'm not sure exactly. I'm athletic enough to make it by however. Let me know!

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