Dave Walker

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Dave Walker

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Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Joined:October 30, 2015
Levels:Singles: 3.17Doubles: 3.00
Last Visit:Very recently
Network Points530 (ranked #10)
Always looking to play. I'm available most evenings and weekends.

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Indoor Mixed Singles Ladder 2021Rank: 15Ladder League2021-01-102021-05-31
Indoor Mixed Singles Ladder 2019/20Rank: 9Ladder League2019-11-252021-04-30
Indoor / Outdoor Mixed Singles Ladder 2019Rank: 5Ladder League2019-06-012019-08-31
Indoor 2018/19 Mixed Singles LadderRank: 14Ladder League2018-10-092019-04-30
Outdoor / Indoor Summer 2018 LadderRank: 3Ladder League2018-06-012018-08-31
AFTC Indoors 2016-2017 Open Mixed Singles LadderRank: 2Ladder League2016-09-012017-05-31
OUTDOOR 2016Rank: 4Ladder League2016-06-012016-09-04
AFTC Singles Indoor 2015/16Rank: 1Ladder League2015-09-012016-05-31


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Brad Scott - 2 years, 7 months
Dave. Sorry I missed you challenge. Been trying to play catch up after 2 weeks vacation.

Dave Flight - 4 years
Hey Dave...Can you play this Wednesday (Feb.8)... Around 7-8:30pm, if so go ahead and book a court....Let me know, thanks

Dave Flight - 4 years, 1 month
Hey dave...Would love to get out and play sometime, I'm available Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights most weeks....

Wilfred Young-Lai - 5 years, 1 month
If youre interested in a game please text me at 506 466 8780. Thanks. Wilf

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