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Kenny Nguyen

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Kenny Nguyen

Premium member
Location: Irvine, California
Joined:July 09, 2013
Levels:Singles: 3.552Doubles: 3.500
Last Visit:Less than two weeks ago
Network Points:0
GTN Points:120 (ranked #1088 worldwide)
About Me
I have limited time for tennis nowadays (Sunday mornings) so I am looking for non-pusher player to hit with. My ranking on here ain’t reflected my strokes lol
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Real OC Tennis Spring 23!Rank: 48Ladder League2023-03-132023-06-04
Singles 2.5 to 6.0 Winter Tennis LadderRank: 6Ladder League2023-01-012023-03-31
Real OC Tennis Winter 22/23Rank: 92Ladder League2022-12-012023-03-13
Mixed Singles 2.5 to 6.0 Tennis LadderRank: 6Ladder League2022-10-312022-12-31
Real OC Tennis FALL 2022Rank: 74Ladder League2022-10-012022-12-01
Real OC Tennis Summer 2022Rank: 56Ladder League2022-06-062022-10-01
Real OC Tennis spring 2021Rank: 86Ladder League2021-03-312021-06-01
Real OC Tennis winter 2021!Rank: 79Ladder League2021-01-032021-04-01
Real OC Tennis Fall 2020Rank: 87Ladder League2020-10-052021-01-03
Real OC Tennis SUMMER 2020!Rank: 60Ladder League2020-07-012020-10-04


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