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Bob Andreini

Bob Andreini

Location: Richmond, England
Joined:April 27, 2018
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Carolyn Cullen - 1 year, 2 months
Hi Bob,

I am struggling with this new format. The problem is that you have a limited time to accept challenge and arrange game.

I am busy with my job at the moment and so have very limited time. I have always got in my box matches in the six weeks (which was normally four matches) but I am getting quite a few challenges a week.

Also my priority for the next two weeks is the tournament. Ray and I are in the mixed and Peter Brook but as we have drawn top seeds so will be out very quickly! But we need to crack on with our games in the tournament or else we will hold things up.

I much preferred the five people in a box format - so much more manageable. I have no problem being in bottom box. The people in the bottom boxes were having lots of fun. Michelle and I had a nice glass of wine after our match. There are players with very different aims in a box league of 90 odd players.

Ray and I miss you and Michelle - come back soon.

Carolyn Cullen

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