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Jorge Flores

Jorge Flores

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Joined:December 23, 2020
Levels:Singles: 3.83Doubles: 3.50
Last Visit:Less than a week ago
Network Points:970 (ranked #32 in this network)
GTN Points:776 (ranked #734 worldwide)
About Me
My name is Jorge Flores. I'm a fortunate father 5, 4 little girls & 1 mini me. I'm also a soccer club coach of 14 year old boys & a 8 year old girls team but ever since I was introduced to the game of tennis a little over a year ago, I fell in love & also ended up coaching kids tennis! I work at Frontenac Racquet Club & Woodsmill Tennis Club - help with a little bit of everything, enjoy my job & love being around a great employee atmosphere at all times. I look forward to organizing many events in the near future & involving all of our members at both clubs.
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Night Owl Spring 2022 LadderRank: 15Ladder League2022-01-032022-05-15
Night Owl Fall 2021 LadderRank: 51Ladder League2021-09-132022-01-02
Night Owl Summer 2021 Singles LadderRank: 14Ladder League2021-05-312021-08-19
Night Owl Tennis Network - LadderRank: 8Ladder League2021-01-042021-05-06


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Updated: 2021-12-24


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