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Leo Ricotti - Cleveland Heights C

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Leo Ricotti - Cleveland Heights C

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Location: Akron, Ohio
Joined:December 31, 2011
Levels:Singles: 2.984Doubles: 3.430
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I'm listed as a stringer on this site. Look up stringers and you can find my contact info.
Mixed's Singles 2.0 to 6.0 Tennis LadderRank: 2Ladder League2021-02-142023-07-31
Australian Open '17Rank: 10Bracket Challenge2017-01-15--
Australian Open '17 Special WTA EditionRank: 30Bracket Challenge2017-01-15--
2016 US Open Bracket Challenge - ATPRank: 5Bracket Challenge2016-08-29--
2016 French Open Bracket Challenge - ATPRank: 74Bracket Challenge2016-05-22--
Ashtabula County Singles Ladder - Summer 2016Rank: 46Ladder League2016-05-072016-08-03
Ashtabula County Doubles Ladder - Summer 2016Rank: 37Ladder League2016-05-072016-08-03
2015 US Open Bracket ChallengeRank: 38Bracket Challenge2015-08-31--
2015 Wimbledon Bracket ChallengeRank: 92Bracket Challenge2015-06-29--
Ashtabula County Singles Ladder - Summer 2015Rank: 6Ladder League2015-05-292015-08-09


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Leo Ricotti - Cleveland Heights C      Akron, Ohio
1 year, 12 months
Here's a link to the ladder described in my previous post:

Leo Ricotti - Cleveland Heights C      Akron, Ohio
2 years, 1 month
There's a league starting may 17 for anyone who wants to join!! It's called Clay court specialists. I'm trying to get players involved who want to play league matches on clay. I can include you on my team if you don't have access to clay courts. Trying to get as much people as possible for summer competitions!

The teams would be open to adults at any levels who know how to play and keep score and would be centered in the northeast ohio region.

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