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Patrik Vician

Patrik Vician

Location: Stamford, Connecticut
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I'm a dedicated tennis player, an enthusiastic high school tennis coach, an avid tennis events organizer and a decent serve and volleyer, net player, flat hitter and strategizer on the tennis court.

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Fairfield County Singles League 2016/17Ladder2016-09-262017-08-21
Fairfield County Ladies Singles League 2016/17Ladder2016-01-192016-09-22
Fairfield County Singles League 2015/16Ladder2015-09-212016-08-29
Fairfield County Ladies Singles League 2014/15Ladder2014-11-072015-03-05
Fairfield County Singles League 2014/15Ladder2014-08-262015-03-05
Fairfield County Ladies Singles League (COPY)Ladder2013-09-262014-04-30
Fairfield County Singles League (COPY)Ladder2013-09-092014-08-25
Fairfield County Ladies Singles LeagueLadder2012-11-092013-04-26
Fairfield County Singles LeagueLadder2012-09-052013-08-12
Fairfield County Singles LeagueLadder2011-09-262012-05-07


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Rick Leonard - 3 years
Hi Thomas. My name is Rick Leonard and I live in Norwalk. I've just registered on the network (10/18/2014) and I am looking for a practice partner or advanced players looking for match play. I'm currently pursuing a Ph.D. in engineering and have a flexible schedule. I used to train my sister who was the #1 ranked female junior in new england for a time. My eMail is rick.leonard8@gmail.com. Hope this works for you.

Eric G - 1 year, 8 months
Hi Patrik, I often visit my sister and family down that way, I would like to join you network too meet other players. I'm a 4.5 player who plays competetively in both single and doubles. I just found out about this Global Tennis Network (JAN/2016).

joseph panaro - 2 years, 7 months
Hi Patrik - do you have any doubles going on at the 4.5 level? I will be home for the summer from Hilton Head and want to play some competitive matches. Also, will be playing on a USTA team out of Westchester this summer. Please let me know...Joe Panaro

Keri Cameron - 4 years
Hi. Alexis gave me your name. I'm interested in the women's singles at Shippan.

Rohan Gordon - 5 years
I am not an expert on this site

eric niederreither - 6 years
how do i get the ladder results?

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