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Suresh Rathnaraj Chelladurai

Suresh Rathnaraj Chelladurai

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Joined:May 01, 2022
Levels:Singles: 3.772Doubles: 3.500
Last Visit:2 months, 1 week ago
Network Points:710 (ranked #30 in this network)
GTN Points:568 (ranked #879 worldwide)
About Me
Singles Ladder ERank: 4Ladder League2022-09-012022-10-31
Singles Ladder ERank: 5Ladder League2022-08-012022-08-31
Singles Ladder ERank: 6Ladder League2022-07-032022-07-31
Singles Ladder ERank: 3Ladder League2022-05-052022-09-30


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Greg Malis
4 months, 1 week
Hi Suresh, as I mentioned previously, I've been travelling the last 5 days with a lot going on but I believe I accepted your last challenge, picking Tuesday night at 6 PM. I went into the court booking site to see if anything was available for Wednesday as I also believe I said I might try to book a contingency time because of a iffy weather forecast for Tuesday. Nothing was available for Wednesday but when I looked at Tuesday, there is no court booked under your name. Did you still want to try to play? The weather might be ok later in the day. I booked a court at 6 pm. let me know if you want to play or not so I can cancel the court if need be.

jay uppal
4 months, 2 weeks
Hey Suresh,

My names is Jay,

Did you want to hit some rallies tonight at the general burns club? I've got a spot for 7

let me know,


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