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Trevor Meier

Trevor Meier

Location: Stevenson, Washington, United States
Joined:November 27, 2006
Last Visit:Online
I am an avid tennis player and web designer. I graduated from the University of Utah in Electrical Engineering. While in school I started working on this site and never looked back. I now code for a living, and work on this site every chance I get. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for the site.

Looking for a tennis partner to play on weekends in Stevenson, Carson, or Cascade Locks.

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Trevor Meier - 3 months
A great new way to find a tennis partner is to post a comment to your location. All the players at your location will be notified when you do. Just go to your profile page, and on your "Comment Feed", write a comment and and click "Submit to.. -> Location Players -> YOUR CITY".

Valentín Villamil - 6 days, 16 hours
I try to play almost every day an hour of tenis. I´m going to Lisboa for vacations from the 2 of
November. Looking for a partner. Level 4.5 or above thank you!

Steve Yang - 1 week
Hi Trevor,

Can you pls show me how to calculate the double ranking points? It's kind of different of single's, isn't it?

Ra(new) = Ra(old) + K * ( W – Ea )
Rb(new) = Rb(old) + K * ( W – Eb )
Ea = 1/(1 + 10 ^ ((Rb-Ra) / 400) )
Eb = 1/(1 + 10 ^ ((Ra-Rb) / 400) )

Steve Yang - 2 weeks, 2 days
hi Trevor,

Just curious. I don't quite understand how the ranking system is using ELO Ranking method to calculate the points. The forumla is kind of like below from website 'http://elorankings.com/'.

I set K as 800.
Ra(new) = Ra(old) + K * ( W – Ea )
Rb(new) = Rb(old) + K * ( W – Eb )
Ea = 1/(1 + 10 ^ ((Rb-Ra) / 400) )
Eb = 1/(1 + 10 ^ ((Ra-Rb) / 400) )

Got A win B as 6:3. A original point is 1693, B original is 1608. Base on the website, it change to A is 1705, and B is 1592. However, I just the forumla above, the EA is 0.619941, EB is 0.380059, so A change to 1997 instead of 1705, B change to 1303 instead of 1592. Any ideas?

adilson da silva junior - 10 months, 2 weeks
Meu amigo, eu sei que provavelmente voce ira usar o google tradutor pra ler essa mensagem, não sei se foi voce que criou esse site, mas, contudo recebi um e-mail seu de retorno assim que acessei o site, valeu pela iniciativa de promover e organizar ainda mais nosso esporte pelo mundo, quando vier para o Brasil, me da um toque vamos nos encontrar. Grande abraço. Parabens

Reed Bernhard - 1 year
Hi Trevor. My registration still shows as pending. I'd like to access the tennis ladders for Seatte (tennis center sand point). It says that is a private network and I cannot access while my registration is pending.(I'm all paid at up at tennis center sand point) . Can you help?
Thanks . Reed Bernhard

Ed Balido - 1 year, 1 month
Thanks...but you're a little far to drive to play...

Mohd Khalif Saddiq Raffali - 1 year, 1 month
Thanks Trevor. it's nice to reconnect...

Amanda Yurel - 1 year, 2 months
Thanks Trevor, I think it will be fun :)

Mati Martin - 1 year, 2 months
Hello!!!! Joined July 28. Not a fanatic but an enthusiast tennis practitioner, w loads to learn. Looking for playing partners. Flexible schedule. (Have taken classes recently and yers ago on and off. Serious badminton player in my teen years)

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