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Trevor Meier

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Trevor Meier

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Location: Portland, Oregon
Joined:November 27, 2006
Levels:Singles: 3.354Doubles: 4.200
Last Visit:Very recently
Network Points:0
GTN Points:178 (ranked #1068 worldwide)
About Me
I am the founder of Global Tennis Network. I started GTN back in 2007. If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to send me a private message. See you on the courts!
Partner Search
Looking for a tennis partner to play on weekends, or nights. I live in the west hills of Portland.
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MV Summer SistersRank: 6Ladder League2022-06-012022-07-31
Ladder With a ScheduleRank: 3Ladder League2022-01-152023-01-15
mixed singlesRank: 2Ladder League2022-01-152023-01-15
GTN Demo LadderRank: 3Ladder League2022-01-152023-01-15
Wimbledon 2021 challengeRank: 117Bracket Challenge2021-06-28--
Mixed's Doubles 2.0 to 6.0 Double Elimination
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2020 Australian Open Bracket Challenge - ATPRank: 58Bracket Challenge2020-01-19--
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Updated: 2022-08-21

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Updated: 2021-12-24


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Trevor Meier
2 years
I created a group on Facebook where players can exchange ideas, ask questions, and stay up to date with all the latest features.

Here is the link:

Please join!

Michael Roque
4 months
Hey Trevor, this is Mike from last year. I'm still looking for a partner!

Trevor Meier
3 years, 7 months
Show your support for GTN. Check out our new store:

Christian Centurion
2 years
Hey Trevor, quick question for you. I am trying to reach out to players who probably do not visit the website often. If i send them a connection request? Would they get an email notification?
Thank you,
Christian Centurion

Donna Masotto
1 year, 7 months
Hey tennis players!
I’m a solid 3.5, formerly a league player 4.0 — looking to up my game again.
Anyone just want to hit and drill practice w/ me.
I live in the San Diego area.
Senior. 59.

Fatemeh Dinani
8 months
Hi! My name is Fatemeh and recently arrived in Doha! I’m dying to find a partner and play tennis with! So please contact me if you want to play tennis! ‪+974 5075 5449‬

Sylvie Thibault
8 months, 3 weeks
Awesome tool and support Trevor! I was able to set up a private network and ladder league in minutes. I even added a local tennis court that wasn’t in the list. Everyone in the group is blown away by the site and how quickly we were up and running. Thanks a million on behalf of the East Coast Tennis Network!

luca pavlidis
1 year
Trevor, can you change domain from .com in .org? is it possible? .org is times better

luca pavlidis
1 year, 1 month
Man... you are a Genious

Richard Gronostajski
1 year, 6 months
Trevor, I just joined the Portland global tennis network. I won't be moving to Portland until August. What's the best way to arrange matches?

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