Wilfred Young-Lai

Wilfred Young-Lai

Location: St. Andrews, New Brunswick
Joined:August 26, 2015
Levels:Singles: 2.60Doubles: 3.00
Last Visit:Very recently
Network Points610 (ranked #5)
Love tennis, singles or doubles.

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Indoor Mixed Singles Ladder 2021Rank: 4Ladder League2021-01-102021-05-31
Indoor Mixed Singles Ladder 2019/20Rank: 3Ladder League2019-11-252021-04-30
Indoor / Outdoor Mixed Singles Ladder 2019Rank: 8Ladder League2019-06-012019-08-31
Indoor 2018/19 Mixed Singles LadderRank: 8Ladder League2018-10-092019-04-30
Outdoor / Indoor Summer 2018 LadderRank: 8Ladder League2018-06-012018-08-31
Summer Ladder 2017Rank: 10Ladder League2017-06-082017-08-31
AFTC Indoors 2016-2017 Open Mixed Singles LadderRank: 3Ladder League2016-09-012017-05-31
OUTDOOR 2016Rank: 5Ladder League2016-06-012016-09-04


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Mike LANTEIGNE - 2 years, 4 months
Wilfred want to play this Wednesday or Thursday at 7 as part of the ladder?

Larry Leaman - 4 years, 4 months
Hi Wilfred, would you be up for playing sometime this week?

Paul LeClair - 5 years, 1 month
Hi Wilfred
We have a court book for 2:30 today and I'm expecting to be there ... but I do have to go out of town today and would like your phone number so I can call you if there is any problem with my being there on time. Can you please e-mail me the phone number I should call if I need to. My e-mail address is pleclair.capital@rogers.com
Thanks Wilf - see you this afternoon.

Paul LeClair - 5 years, 2 months
My cell is 476-4775. I'll wait to hear from you.

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