Tennis Club Argostoli

Masters 2019 The Final

Argostoli Greece
March 07, 2019 - April 07, 2019
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The tournament is underway
Tennis Tournament
Round 1

Βύρωνας Αντωνάτος (1)
Νίκος Μοντεσάντος (4)
Κωστής Αντωνάτος (3)
5-7, 6-2, 6-403/20
Γεράσιμος Κόμητας (2)

Κωστής Αντωνάτος (3)

Tennis Tournament Description
Tennis Tournament Players
Picture Details About Me Action
Βύρωνας Αντωνάτος
Level: 4.52
Argostoli, Greece
Γεράσιμος Κόμητας
Level: 4.40
Argostoli, Greece
Διονύσης Αλυσανδράτος
Level: 4.34
Argostoli, Greece
Κωστής Αντωνάτος
Level: 4.63
Argostoli, Greece
Νίκος Μοντεσάντος
Level: 4.52
Argostoli, Greece
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Masters 2019 The Final is a tennis tournament in Argostoli, Greece.
Playing Level:
Match Format:
Entry Fee:
3.00 to 6.00
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Tennis Tournament Coordinator

Dinos Christopoulos