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Real OC Tennis Late Fall 3.75

Irvine California
October 30, 2018 - December 16, 2018
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The tournament is underway.
Tennis Tournament
Round 1
Play by: Nov 11th
Round 2
Play by: Nov 25th
Round 3
Play by: Dec 2nd
Play by: Dec 9th

Ryan Farahani (1)
6-2, 7-6
Jason Mayosky (16)
tom cieslinski (9)
Alex Goshtaei (8)
Ryan KH (4)
6-1, 6-2
Rupesh Kumar (13)
Daniel Le newport (12)
6-4, 6-1
Anil Vootkur (5)
Kris Ramboyong (6)
Romulus Paunescu (11)
Dan He - Irvine (14)
6-1, 7-5
adrian Dang (3)
Dan Parsons (7)
7-5, 4-6, 6-4
Aabid 6126953974 (10)
Prasad Mane (15)
6-4, 6-3
Federico Casarramona (2)
Ryan Farahani (1)

Ryan KH (4)
Anil Vootkur (5)
Romulus Paunescu (11)
adrian Dang (3)
Aabid 6126953974 (10)
Federico Casarramona (2)

Tennis Tournament Description
late fall 3.75 is open to all players ranked below 3.99 at time of sign up
Tennis Tournament Players
Picture Details About Me Action
Aabid 6126953974
Level: 3.70
Irvine, California
I can beat Nadal any day, as long as he is forced to play tennis with a baseball bat.
adrian Dang
Level: 3.92
Irvine, California
Tennis and Basketball are two of my favorite sports.
Alex Goshtaei
Level: 3.73
Aliso Viejo, California
passion for tennis
Anil Vootkur
Level: 3.86
Trabuco Canyon, California
Available during the day as well as select weeknights / weekends. Text me @ 949-300-9635
Dan He - Irvine
Level: 3.47
Irvine, California
Dan Parsons
Level: 3.74
Mission Viejo, California
Daniel Le newport
Level: 3.52
Newport Beach, California
I am ready to play tennis
Federico Casarramona
Level: 3.99
Tustin, California
I just wanna play
Jason Mayosky
Level: 3.02
Garden Grove, California
Kris Ramboyong
Level: 3.77
Baldwin Park, California
SUP DEWT! Usually Free mon, tues, and friday. lets hit.
Prasad Mane
Level: 3.30
Irvine, California
Love tennis and competitive play. Want to become a better player by focusing on technique. Like to play with people who are similar-minded.
Romulus Paunescu
Level: 3.71
Lake Forest, California
Text me at 714-423-7356.
Rupesh Kumar
Level: 3.55
Irvine, California
Ryan Farahani
Level: 3.95
Irvine, California
Ryan KH
Level: 4.02
Long Beach, California
Let's tennis, do you? 562-256-6958
tom cieslinski
Level: 3.74
Anaheim Hills, California
league trophy presentator
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Real OC Tennis Late Fall 3.75 is a tennis tournament in Irvine, California.
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2.00 to 4.00
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