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Real OC Tennis 4.0 Winter 2019

Irvine California
January 04, 2019 - March 10, 2019
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The tournament is underway.
Tennis Tournament
Round 1
Play by: Jan 20th
Round 2
Play by: Feb 3rd
Round 3
Play by: Feb 10th
Round 4
Play by: Feb 17th

Khanh Nguyen (1)
Dan Parsons (16)
Ken Lee (17)
Massimo Mazza (9)
6-3, 7-5
Adam Shepard (24)
Kim Nguyen (8)
Thomas Chien (4)
adrian Dang (13)
6-3, 6-3
Aabid 6126953974 (20)
Kris De Pedro (12)
Robby Lazar (21)
Brendan Baer (5)
Vin Barba (6)
Al Schwerin (22)
6-1, 6-1
Grant Johnson (11)
tom cieslinski (19)
Majid Zadeh (14)
Kien Shima (3)
Anil Vootkur (7)
Dan He - Irvine (23)
Ryan Farahani (10)
Cenmar Fuertes (18)
Alex Goshtaei (15)
Ryan KH (2)
Khanh Nguyen (1)

Massimo Mazza (9)
Kim Nguyen (8)
Thomas Chien (4)
adrian Dang (13)

Brendan Baer (5)
Vin Barba (6)
Grant Johnson (11)

Kien Shima (3)
Anil Vootkur (7)

Ryan KH (2)

Tennis Tournament Description
4.0 tourney is open to all players ranked below 4.15 at time of sign up
Tennis Tournament Players
Picture Details About Me Action
Aabid 6126953974
Level: 3.63
Irvine, California
I can beat Nadal any day, as long as he is forced to play tennis with a baseball bat.
Adam Shepard
Level: 3.09
Santa Ana, California
Loving the game and trying to get better every day. 919-904-0336. I work nights and weekends, so daytimes during the week are best for me.
adrian Dang
Level: 3.97
Irvine, California
Tennis and Basketball are two of my favorite sports.
Al Schwerin
Level: 3.58
Fountain Valley, California
With a little notice I can play almost anytime. I prefer late afternoons.
Alex Goshtaei
Level: 3.76
Aliso Viejo, California
passion for tennis
Anil Vootkur
Level: 3.98
Trabuco Canyon, California
Available during the day as well as select weeknights / weekends. Text me @ 949-300-9635
Brendan Baer
Level: 4.00
Orange, California
I string racquets. Please text me at 714.805.4197 or PM me on the site if interested.
Cenmar Fuertes
Level: 3.68
Costa Mesa, California
Trying to reach spiritual enlightenment through tennis...
Dan Parsons
Level: 3.72
Mission Viejo, California
Dan He - Irvine
Level: 3.54
Irvine, California
Grant Johnson
Level: 3.91
Ladera Ranch, California
I mostly play singles on weekends. Some weeknights are possible.
Ken Lee
Level: 3.69
Buena Park, California
Please text me at 562-237-1575.
Khanh Nguyen
Level: 4.15
Newport Beach, California
daytime player! mediocre but working on moving up. I'm better at Rqball 310-971-1038
Kien Shima
Level: 4.08
Newport Beach, California
4.0 LA player recently moved to OC (Newport) looking for singles match play and practice.
Kim Nguyen
Level: 4.01
Lake Forest, California
Hadouken, Hadouken ... Shoryuken! Not a serious player.
Kris De Pedro
Level: 3.91
Anaheim, California
Majid Zadeh
Level: 3.87
Anaheim Hills, California
A morning player.
Massimo Mazza
Level: 3.97
Irvine, California
Roger federer Favorite player
Robby Lazar
Level: 3.63
Irvine, California
Pls. text me to 714-393-8400,
Ryan KH
Level: 4.04
Long Beach, California
Let's tennis, do you? 562-256-6958
Ryan Farahani
Level: 3.94
Irvine, California
Thomas Chien
Level: 4.03
Irvine, California
Love the game for the competition, the exercise, and the opportunity to meet and make new friends.
tom cieslinski
Level: 3.66
Anaheim Hills, California
league trophy presentator
Vin Barba
Level: 4.00
Costa Mesa, California
Tennis ball whacker guy
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Real OC Tennis 4.0 Winter 2019 is a tennis tournament in Irvine, California.
Playing Level:
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2.00 to 4.25
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