4.5 tourney

Irvine, California
January 16, 2021 - April 01, 2021
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The bracket is underway.
Tournament Bracket
Round 1
Play by: Feb 1st
Round 2
Play by: Feb 15th
Round 3
Play by: Mar 1st
Round 4
Play by: Mar 15th
Play by: Mar 29th

Fabian Balcaza (1)
adrian Dang (16)
Grant Johnson (17)
Divij Munjal (9)
Frank Shabdiz (24)
Skandha Chinta (8)
Miguel Angel Fajardo (25)
victor O (4)
Nicholas Bzovi (29)
George Tell (13)
Adam Shepard (20)
Ryan Tran (12)
Aabid 6126953974 (21)
Steven Hsueh (5)
Sleiman Essau (28)
Dan He - Irvine (27)
Bill Sieck (6)
Brendan Baer (11)
Cenmar Fuertes (19)
Kien Shima 213-210-8114 (14)
Daniel Le newport (30)
Anil Vootkur (3)
Dan Parsons (26)
Peter Ochrymczuk (7)
Manish Nautiyal - Irvine (23)
Khanh Nguyen (10)
Thomas Chien (18)
Prem Raniga (15)
Tuan Ho - Irvine (2)
Fabian Balcaza (1)

Tuan Ho - Irvine (2)

Tournament Bracket Description
4.5 tourney open to all players ranked 4.6 and below.
Tournament Bracket Players
Picture Details About Me Action
Aabid 6126953974
Level: 3.84
Irvine, California
I can beat Nadal any day, as long as he is forced to play tennis with a baseball bat.
Adam Shepard
Level: 3.85
Santa Ana, California
Shakespeare described my game well when he concocted the title for Comedy of Errors. Loving the game and trying to get better every day....
adrian Dang
Level: 4.03
Irvine, California
Tennis and Basketball are two of my favorite sports.
Anil Vootkur
Level: 4.59
Trabuco Canyon, California
Tennis priorities: 1. Fun 2. Exercise 3. Competition
Bill Sieck
Level: 4.50
San Juan Capistrano, California
Early Tuesday and Thursday evenings and weekends. 949 290-2868
Brendan Baer
Level: 4.27
Orange, California
I string racquets. Please text me at 714.805.4197 or PM me on the site if interested.
Cenmar Fuertes
Level: 3.86
Costa Mesa, California
Please text me at 949-689-5133
Dan Parsons
Level: 3.67
Mission Viejo, California
Dan He - Irvine
Level: 3.64
Irvine, California
Daniel Le newport
Level: 3.32
Newport Beach, California
I am ready to play tennis 714-331-7293
Divij Munjal
Level: 4.36
Irvine, California
Fabian Balcaza
Level: 4.67
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Frank Shabdiz
Level: 3.79
Irvine, California
Playing tennis for fun!
George Tell
Level: 4.10
Irvine, California
Love playing and the competition. Mobile 949-439-1904
Grant Johnson
Level: 4.00
Ladera Ranch, California
I can play most weekdays after 3:30 or 4 and open on weekends .
Level: 3.83
Irvine, California
Available to play after 2:30 pm. Feel free to message me if interested - 626-515-1958. Happy to hit anytime for practice or competition.
Khanh Nguyen
Level: 4.30
Newport Beach, California
daytime player! mediocre but working on moving up. I'm better at Rqball 310-971-1038
Kien Shima 213-210-8114
Level: 4.07
Newport Beach, California
LA player recently moved to OC looking for 4.0+ singles match play and practice. Please feel free to text for a ladder match! Aloha
Manish Nautiyal - Irvine
Level: 3.81
Irvine, California
Miguel Angel Fajardo
Level: 3.73
Long Beach, California
I don't quit on tennis match.
Nicholas Bzovi
Level: 3.54
Irvine, California
Looking to play around Irvine 3.5-4.0 level. Can play weekdays after 2pm and anytime on weekends. Text 773.484.5876
Peter Ochrymczuk
Level: 4.45
Irvine, California
Prem Raniga
Level: 4.06
Irvine, California
Ryan Tran
Level: 4.13
Corona, California
Text me for a match. 714-732-7750
Skandha Chinta
Level: 4.44
Santa Ana, California
Sleiman Essau
Level: 4.47
Irvine, California
Student of the game..
Steven Hsueh
Level: 4.50
Irvine, California
Thomas Chien
Level: 3.92
Irvine, California
Prefer playing Sat mornings at 7am. Text 949 241-2517
Tuan Ho - Irvine
Level: 4.60
Irvine, California
I can only play on Saturday & Sunday morning from 7:30 to 11:30am. My home court is in the Irvine area at Portolas Springs. 714-757-9344...
victor O
Level: 4.51
Irvine, California
i can play most weekday mornings from 8:30am to 11:30am My home courts are at Woodbridge please text 7146244208
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4.5 tourney is a tennis tournament in Irvine, California.
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2.00 to 4.75
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