The Greater Los Angeles Tennis League

2022 Spring LA Open - Doubles

Los Angeles, California
March 17, 2022 - July 31, 2022
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The bracket is underway.
Bracket underway
Round 1
Round 2

Tony Zhao
Miguel Angel Fajardo

6-0, 6-2
Rapha Leño
Giacomo Picasso
Sasha Karagiozov
Shara Surabi
Matt Levine
Abheet S
Joe Arias
Sam Johnson
6-3, 4-6, 1-0
Nikolas Daka
Ky Haak

Rich Ortiz-Reyes
Miguel Ortiz-Reyes

6-3, 6-3
Eric Urban
Rapha Leño
Giacomo Picasso

Joe Arias
Sam Johnson
Eric Urban
Tony Zhao
Miguel Angel Fajardo

Nikolas Daka
Ky Haak
Rich Ortiz-Reyes
Miguel Ortiz-Reyes

Consolation Round 1
Consolation Finals
3rd Place

1. The tournament is located in:
Country: United States
State: California
City: Los Angeles

2. The tournament is open to the following players:
Playing Level: 3.50 to 5.0
Match Format: Doubles
Gender: All

3. There is $10 fee per team to join this tournament. Upon registering for this tournament, you will be taken to a page with instruction on how to make a payment. If you do not want to use Paypal, Venmo $10 to @Raphael-Laigneau and text your name at (949) 232-8679 and you will be added manually upon payment.

4. Prize money. ALL proceeds will be distributed amongst winner/finalist/semi-finalists and trophy. Distribution is tbd.

5. Tournament format is tbd based on # of teams registering.

6. Match Instructions: Both teams must bring a can of balls. Winner keeps new can of balls; loser keeps used balls.

7. Players must be courteous with each other and aware of travel times to get to tennis court. Players agree to play on a court equidistant to both players’ location.

8. If neither team wants to travel to play, winner will be selected at random.

9. This tournament will begin Mar 18, 2022 and end sometimes in July.

10. Any of the following match formats can be used:

Best of 3 Sets
Best of 2 of 3 with 10-point tie breaker

11. The winner of the match will report the match results. Match results are submitted directly on the website where they are checked for score inaccuracies. This means that only scores that are obtainable to finish a match are allowed.

12. All tournament players should maintain current contact information. If you change phone numbers or e-mail addresses, you must update your profile so other member can contact you and you will receive email notifications.
Bracket Teams
Eric Urban - 4.25 / BRUNO LAMAS - 3.75
Joe Arias - 3.96 / Sam Johnson - 4.46
Matt Levine - 4.50 / Abheet S - 4.50
Nikolas Daka - 4.53 / Ky Haak - 4.78
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2022 Spring LA Open - Doubles is a tennis tournament in Los Angeles, California.
Playing Levels:
Match Formats:

Bracket Organizer

Rapha Leño
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