Meadows City Tennis Club
Meadows City Singles Knockout 2021

Mens Singles

Edinburgh, Scotland
August 01, 2021 - October 03, 2021
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The bracket has not been finalized, and the bracket has not yet started.
Tournament Bracket
Round 1
Play by: Aug 11th
Round 2
Play by: Aug 22nd
Round 3
Play by: Sep 2nd
Round 4
Play by: Sep 18th
Play by: Sep 30th

Consolation Round 1
Play by: Aug 22nd
Consolation Round 2
Play by: Sep 2nd
Consolation Round 3
Play by: Sep 18th
Consolation Finals
Play by: Sep 30th
3rd Place

Tournament Bracket Description
Main draw for the Meadows City Tennis Club Men's Knockout Singles 2021.
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Mens Singles is a tennis tournament in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Bracket Coordinator

Clive Minshull
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