3.5 Summer Ladder League Playoffs 2017

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
September 05, 2017 - October 07, 2017
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The bracket is underway.
Tournament Bracket
Round 1
Play by: Sep 17th
Round 2
Play by: Sep 24th
Play by: Oct 1st

Dimitry Elbert (1)
Ryan Pastrana (4)
Steve Price (6)
Alexander Stidl (3)
Rod Jackson (5)
Russell Fryar (2)
Dimitry Elbert (1)

Russell Fryar (2)

Tournament Bracket Description
Tournament for Championship of the Summer Ladder League at the 3.5 level.
Tournament Bracket Players
Picture Details About Me Action
Alexander Stidl
Level: 3.67
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Used to play a lot. Not so much recently. That needs to be changed.....
Dimitry Elbert
Level: 3.72
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Trying to become a tennisbuster.
Rod Jackson
Level: 3.90
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
I'm down to play tennis anytime I'm not doing something else that is fun. I prefer to play singles over doubles but I'll play either.
Russell Fryar
Level: 4.00
Bentonville, Arkansas
Ryan Pastrana
Level: 3.62
Millersville, Pennsylvania
Steve Price
Level: 3.78
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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3.5 Summer Ladder League Playoffs 2017 is a tennis tournament in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Playing Levels:
Match Formats:
Entry Fee:
3.0 to 4.0

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Jim Clarke