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Bracket Details
  • Create a tournament
  • to players
  • to
  • to This is when the matches will be played.
  • A "team" has 2 players in a doubles tournament, and 1 player in singles. You can change this later if you need to.
  • Place players on the bracket as they register.
Bracket Fees
    If you collect a fee to play in your tournament, your players will not be able to submit scores until they have paid. If you don't use a payment gateway to collect the fee, you will need to mark your players "paid" manually on the "Manage Players" page.

    Please note, a tournament fee does not include any yearly membership fees your network collects. So, if you have a yearly network fee, and a tournament fee, your players will be asked to pay both before being able to play in your tournament.

  • Match format details
  • Allow players to submit their scores.
  • Allow players to update their match times and locations.
Bracket Access
  • Choose the network group the players of this tournament must be a member of. If you have created a group, or you are a group admin, the group will show up in the drop down list. If you want to create a tournament outside this network, go here.

    Create a group
  • Open - Allow any eligible member to register.
    Approval to join - After registering, players must be approved before they are added to the bracket.
    Invite to join - Only players you invite can register for your bracket.
    Closed - Don't allow registration. Tournament admins can still add players to the bracket manually.