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Tennis Media Company Launches Dynamic Digital Magazine Tennis 15-30 - Racquet Sports Industry News


Digital media is shaping the way we receive and interprete information. The amount of data we have access to on a daily basis is overwelming and the time to read static print is dimenishing. The idea of getting your tennis news online is not new, several magazines and blogs already provide this service. Tennis Magazine, The Tennis Channel, ATP and WTA sites are all examples of current and fresh tennis news and information. Tennis Media Company just launched what is said to be a fresh approach to Digital Tennis Media. The magazine is called Tennis 15-30 and it is easily accessible via tablets, computers,etc. The publication is available at www.tennis15-30.com and offers the latest tennis news, professional player views, reviews and playing tips with video. Fresh issues are delivered twice monthly and the premier issue is free for viewing. After reviewing the premier addition online I found the content to be fresh, graphics vibrant and the video's helpful. It did appear to have advertisiments mixed in and I found the issue to be rather short and lacking informative articles. I hope to see this publication grow and be a viable place to get the latest tennis news and real tennis news and not a repeat of already existing content. I urge you to check it out and rate it yourself. It appears that the USTA is promoting it and offering it free to USTA members, I am uncertain of its connection with the USTA and if this will end up being a paid -members only site.