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3 Winning Hybrid Tennis Racket String Combinations

This is an entry from my regular blog about racket stringing and I posted it here:  After reading this article you will have 3 winning hybrid combinations to improve your game. Some time back I published an article on eHow about understanding hybrid racket strings. In this article I spelled out some information on the theory of using hybrid stringing as a strategy for your game. In the early days of hybrid stringing only several 'packaged' hybrid strings were available one of which was Prince ProBlend. This kevlar/synthetic gut combination was designed for the hard hitting frequent string breaking player. This string became very popular and is still used today. The advantages of this string was that when the kevlar strings were installed in the main strings it provided extra durability and the player would have more hours on court before the strings broke. The downside to this string combination was the higher possiblity of arm problems due to the stiff characteristics of kevlar. The string is not forgiving, not elastic and tends to project the vibration back to the player. Polyester string started to gain popularity and many realized that it too was durable and more forgiving than kevlar. A hybrid string job does not need to include polyester but a majority will.

WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR STRINGS TO DO? There are two extreme opposite sides to finding the right string, durability or playability with a midpoint somewhere inbetween. If you tend to break strings frequently and want your strings to last longer than using a poly based string in the mains is the way to go. Combine this with a synthetic in the crosses. Other players are looking for playability so maybe a combination of natural gut and multifilament strings would give you great playabiliy and save you some money. The fun part of all this is that you can try various combinations of strings until you find just the right combination. Don't be stuck on only choosing from options that are 'pre packaged' hybrids, any two strings on the market can be transformed to create a hybrid.

TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. With 100's of different strings being offered along with the different gauges, what type of combination is best? Hopefully your local racket stringer is versed on some options for you to try, or you can email me for support as well, thats what this blog is all about.

3 Winning hybrid stringing combinations.

At the beginning of this article I promised to give you 3 combinations so here they are. I am also working on an article that will go into more details and include spin, power, control issues.

1. Luxilon m2 pro 16L in the mains and Wilson NXT 17g in the crosses. This combination will provide you durability of a polyester string that is not too stiff and has soft multifilament type characteristics along with a thinner cross multifilament for playability and power.

2. Babolat RPM Blast 17g in mains / Wilson NXT 17 crosses. This combination will give you spine and playability.

To read more please follow this link to my blog at www.tennisstringing.blogspot.com

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