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The Most Popular Tennis Racquet Brands in 2017

At GTN, players have the ability to display their tennis racquet brand on their profile page. Being a global website, this data gives us a pretty accurate depiction of the most popular tennis racquet brands in the world. 

The pie chart below shows the distribution of racquet brands across everyone who has provided this data.

 A few takeaways from this data:

  • Babalot is now the 2nd most popular tennis racquet brand. But just barely. Babolat is ahead of both Head and Prince, which is kind of hard to believe. I had never even heard of Babolat tennis racquets when I was growing up.
  • Good old Donnay doesn't even break the top 10. 
  • The once mighty Prince has slipped to #4.
  • ProKennex (the brand of racquet I grew up playing with), barely made the list at 0.8%. 

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