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Tennis Ladder Challenge Updates

To help make arranging a tennis ladder match easier, you can now propose up to 3 different date and times when submitting a challenge.

The challenged team/player, can then choose any one of the proposals while accepting the challenge.

We have also added the ability for the challenger to update an unplayed challenge. This will re-issue the challenge and ask the challenged team/player to re-accept or decline the challenge.

 To help you keep tracking of all your pending challenges, we have added a section in the right hand column of the ladder where can see at a glance all your pending challenges, including the date and time agreed upon, and the date the match must be played by.

From your profile page, you can also see all the important dates for you tennis ladder. Just click the "Calendar" tab.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and as always feel free to send us any feedback or suggestions.  

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