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The Most Popular Days of the Week to Play Tennis

​Have you ever wondered what the most popular days of the week are to play tennis? We decided to take a look at all the ladder matches played in 2017. The results were surprising.

​The most surprising discovery, is that Saturday is the least popular day of the week to play a match, while Sunday is by far the most popular. How could this possibly be? We decided we had better take a look at past years to see if it has changed over time.

Looking back just 2 years, we see quite the difference. Saturday is now the 3rd most popular day of the week, with Sunday still being the most popular. 

You can also see that only 2 years ago, people played a lot more ladder matches. Are less people playing tennis, or are they just too busy to play a match?

We decided to go back even further to 2011. 

​Now this was surprising. Seven years ago, Sunday was the 4th most popular day of the week to play a match, with Thursday being the most popular, and Saturday again being the least. 

The only explanation for these changes  I can think of, is we are getting busier during the week. We just have less free time to play tennis. Our priorities have shifted. We now wait until the last possible moment of the week (assuming you consider that Sunday), to fit in some tennis.

I hope this trend reverses, and more people find the time to do what they love. Especially if that is playing tennis.

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Landon Meier on Friday, 01 September 2017 12:44

Life ought to never get too busy for tennis!

Life ought to never get too busy for tennis!
Guest - Sagar Bocheer on Monday, 19 November 2018 07:32

How come Saturday is not in the top. I like to play tennis once every 2 days alternatively

How come Saturday is not in the top. I like to play tennis once every 2 days alternatively
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