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A short description about your blog has always had a reputation for bringing unique and interesting features to tennis fans worldwide and its latest contribution is a one of a kind ‘Tennis Exchange’ where the sporting world meets the hustle and bustle of the stock exchange. is one of the world leading Tennis sites and its commitment to bringing the worldwide tennis community together will once again be shown by the inauguration of its first Amateur Grand Slam Singles Tennis Tournament.

The site is inviting players of all ages and abilities to take part and in addition offers prizes for the top three players and consolation prizes for many others taking part. The Tournament will take place over 30 days with the overall winner receiving a ‘Head’ six star tennis racquet. The first runner up and second runner up will also receive the latest five star and three star ‘Head’ tennis racquets respectively. Entering the Tournament is simple.

Competitors have to play a minimum of 15 matches with a least five distinct opponents during the course of the Tournament in order to be eligible to win a prize. TennisEarth Rating (TER) points will be won based on match results and all competitors will be able to follow their progress and that of other competitors on throughout the course of the Tournament and the final result will be published on the website the day after the Tournament closes. Entry is free and full details and Term and Conditions of entry can be found on the website

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